The most important stage. Propositions, opinions, etc what can help us drawing exactly what you want.

Made it

Laser catting. Professional welding. Sand blasting. Powder painting, Fitting additional equipment.

Fitting and feedbacks

With great pleasure we fit our equipment on your 4x4. Don't forget - all feedback will help us improve products.

Established in 2007, 4X4Zone Int Ltd have been at the forefront in bespoke offroad and overland tours throughout Eastern Europe and Asia. Our dedicated & knowledgeable team are committed to providing the very best of the many routes, trails & hidden gems for you to explore.

Our experience led us to developing our own solutions to problems & issues we encountered along our journeys & has resulted in our fully customised expedition equipment. We firmly believe that equipment should be built to last, adaptable & fit for purpose, our experience has shown that trail damage can sometimes occur & with that in mind we also factor in ‘easily repairable’.

Our Roof Racks are built to the highest standards:

• 4 gutter mounted legs each side.

• Unique strong clamping system.

• Stainless Steel construction.

• Rated to 390lb (177kg).

Please feel free to contact us with your requirements.

D1-Hak 02        3D-CAD designed for maximum accuracy

Improved casted leg with better gutter clamp and more adjustability    Sklejka 1250

D1-OTW drzwi-2



All stainless parts are manufactured in conformity with the international standards ISO, OHSAS, AA, EN, DIN, BDS.